Sliders Team (2019)

Angels v Sliders Recap

Tim lead off with a Homerun and Sliders added another 3, including a William Mitchell homerun, to finish the inning on 4.  Not to be outdone Angels responded with 5 of their own.  In the 2nd the Sliders girls stepped up and showed how its done as they all got on base, including a double from Kirsty, but Angels racked up another 6 to keep the lead.  Time for the Sliders to regroup and refocus.  Casey came in to join Tim in centre field while Andrew stepped up to the pitchers plate, not an easy ask with blustery winds helping batters and hindering fielding/pitching.  The 3rd inning saw Gregg hit a 2-run homerun – his 1st league homerun!  Angels kept the pressure on adding 2 more runs of their own.

Finally in the 4th, Sliders regathered and fought back with 6, Angels now under pressure continued to knock in the runs with a further 4 to regather the lead by 1.  Inning 5, bats got going with 11 runs plated, including homerun from Dave but more importantly the defence stood firm and prevented the Angels from scoring.  Top of 6th saw William hit his 2nd homer of the game as Sliders scored 5, while Angels could only respond with 1 of their own.  Inning 7, Sliders held 14 run lead but knew they needed to hold strong because as the home team Angels would have an opportunity to rally.  Tim lead off with double but unfortunately hurt his ankle in the slide and was replaced by Kevin, who made his 1st Sliders appearance.  Will scored 2 before Sliders got caught out on another infield fly call for 2nd week in a row – more training required! Angels got 2 on the board and added a 2nd ankle injury to the game with Elaine hurting her ankle sliding into 3.

Final Score: 20-34

Coaches MVP: Andrew

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