Sliders v Aces Recap

On Monday night Sliders welcomed the Smokin’ Aces to Newforge. It was the second meeting between the two in as many weeks and the fixture was much anticipated after last week’s tight game.

The Aces made a good start getting 4 in the first innings. Sliders defence had a more familiar feel to it this week and it showed with some sharp plays. Sliders first innings, as in the previous two games, was a big one, taking advantage of some wayward pitching by demonstating patience atthe plate and dispatching anything hittable into the outfield as they ran in 11. Aces scored 2 in the second innings which proved to be their last until the sixth but the numbers don’t tell the whole story. In each of the following three innings Sliders found themselves facing multiple runners on bases with outs to get but each time shut them out including one by John with a streching over the shoulder pressure catch. Meanwhile at bat, the scores kept coming in with everyone who batted getting round at least once. In the fourth Sliders ended any hope of a come back with an innings of 9 with Kirsty smashing a triple on her last at bat to take the score to 29-6. Dan’s last innings 3rd base batting woes against the Aces continued this week when he got to see how good Emma’s hitting was up close. Showing phenomenal bat speed she lined one to left field but the Sliders captain was slow to respond taking the full force on the wrist. To add insult to injury, in an attempt to get out of the way he left the base and was called out! All in all, it was a return to form for Sliders with a very polished performance. Final score: Sliders 34 – 8. Next up the Buccs at the end of July

Highs: Home runs for Dave, Jonny and Dan. Emma making her return in green. A whole team performance with everyone contributing to an out and scoring a point.  Edit: Andrew did not score any runs!

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