Aces v Sliders Recap

Sliders travelled to Henry Jones last night to face an in form Smokin’ Aces and came away defeated in an epic match. Despite playing short handed and with a number of players out of position, Sliders raced out of the blocks scoring 12 in the first two innings with Dave scoring his now customary home run. The Aces fought back in the 2nd with 7 of their own as Sliders struggled to get the last out before Paul took a running catch off of his laces. From then on the Aces took the initiative scoring 6 in the 4th to level the game and the Sliders defence looked to be in trouble.

Sliders Captain, Dan, made a tactical switch moving Marian to 3rd and himself to left field. The move immediately paid off as all 3 Aces batters found his glove including one plucked out of the air over his shoulder. Sliders scored 2 in the 6th to retake the lead and 2 more catches by Dan held the Aces to one. Unfortunately the Captain had a rush of blood to the head in the 7th with 2 outs and the strongest part of the batting line up to come getting tagged out on a risky run to 3rd by Pat Joe. Just to rub salt into the wounds Pat Joe then smashed a homer into right field to tie the game. The Aces got runners on base and Sliders just couldn’t keep them out to lose 18-17. In the end the auto out every innings proved costly.

Highs: Home run for Dave. 5 catches in a row for Dan. John throwing a double play (we think the first of the season!) Paul taking a running catch inches off of the ground. Doubles and triples galore in the first two innings.

Next up is the rematch against the Aces on 19th June. Should be a cracker!

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