Sliders v Bucs Recap

The Bangor Buccaneers pretty much sailed straight up to Newforge to face Sliders in conditions that can only be described as very wet! But the Sliders always seem to play well in the rain and last night was no exception. After conceding just 1 in the first innings Sliders bats turned up in dramatic style. Dave opened as he always does with a homerun. Not to be outdone, Tim launched one for a grandslam a few minutes later. The Buccs seemed to have no answer to the Sliders big hitting and at the end of the inning the score was 11-1. A shutout in the 2nd was followed by more excellent hitting and 7 runs.

The weather got worse and bodies got colder but the Sliders infield continued to deliver (the outfield stood and watched getting cold!). As the game wore on the Buccs gradually found their rythym and put in some scores of their own whilst the Sliders concentration dropped. Jonny pitched a blinder in the last 3 after a mid game wobble and a couple of walks and then got his first homerun in green. Final score 24-14 to Sliders. Next up are the Aces next Monday. Hopefully we’ll have dried out!

Highs: Grandslam homerun for Tim, homeruns for Dave and Jonny, the entire batting lineup getting on base at least once, solid defence from the infield in tricky conditions including several diving saves from Dave on 1st.

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