Brawlers v Sliders Recap

Sliders travelled up to Henry Jones Playing Fields to play the Brawlers last night and fell to a disappointing 16-6 defeat. It was always going to be difficult playing shorthanded against the big hitting league champions but despite a couple of errors the defence was generally solid. It was with the bat that Sliders disappointed, failing to convert base hits into scores often enough. Big hits seemed to hold in the wind and find blue gloves asSliders struggled to gain any momentum. Meanwhile the Brawlers kept the scoreboard ticking to take the win.

Special mention to Will, who was playing in his last game before heading off to Canada for a year.

High points: Jonny’s reflex catch as his pitch was lined back at him, Suze refinding her mojo with a big triple, John doing most of the work in the outfield and a double play off of a catch.

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