Sliders Team (2019)

Angels v Sliders Recap

Tim lead off with a Homerun and Sliders added another 3, including a William Mitchell homerun, to finish the inning on 4.  Not to be outdone Angels responded with 5 of their own.  In the 2nd the Sliders girls stepped up and showed how its done as they all got on base, including a double from Kirsty, but Angels racked up another 6 to keep the lead.  Time for the Sliders to regroup and refocus.  Casey came in to join Tim in centre field while Andrew stepped up to the pitchers plate, not an easy ask with blustery winds helping batters and hindering fielding/pitching.  The 3rd inning saw Gregg hit a 2-run homerun – his 1st league homerun!  Angels kept the pressure on adding 2 more runs of their own.

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Sliders Team (2019)

Sliders v Cubs Recap

With grounds work under way, Cubs kindly accommodated the Sliders at Strandtown so our 1st home away took place away!  Cubs opened the scoring with a run on the board, before Sliders responded with 3 of their own as Tim lead off for the season with a double and was scored by Kirsty with an RBI single.  Cubs fought back, aided by some speedy base runners, but bottom of the order got the Sliders rally going again to add another 6 to the count including a triple for Gregg.  

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